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Rent a Luxury in Car in Dubai at a Cheap {rice

When it comes to glamour and style, no city can match Dubai’s extravagance. The range of renting a luxury car in Dubai is simply unimaginable. Think of any famous car brand or a specific model, Dubai’s car rental companies would already have it in their fleet. Millions of tourists visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi everywhere and many intend to catch the vibe of the city by driving around in luxurious car brand. As a matter of fact, renting a top car brand here is a lot cheaper than other countries. Plus, the booking process is very simple and easy. Most of the car rental companies in Dubai, UAE even deliver it to your doorstep.

Let’s discuss a few popular choices as luxury car rental in Dubai or across UAE.

1. Mercedes Maybach: If you are looking for a premium car rental than nothing comes close to a Maybach. It’s super luxurious yet classy. Maybach carries a long history of top luxury brand worldwide and has a same impact in Dubai too. Renting a Maybach in Dubai, UAE is hassle free. You can rent it’s latest for a day at approx. AED5000 which is equivalent USD 1360. You can book a Maybach and get it delivered at Wheels on rent website.

2. Rolls Royce: Among popular luxury car rental choices in Dubai, UAE, Rolls Royce cars are also a prominent choice for majority of tourists and local UAE residents. Different models of Rolls Royce are available for rent even for 1 day in Dubai, UAE. Rolls Royce Ghost is among the list. One can also rent a Rolls Dawn and Wraith in Dubai which are a convertible variations. Latest Rolls Royce Cullinan which happens to be first ever SUV by the brand can also be rented in Dubai. Rolls Royce cars daily rent in Dubai starts from AED2800 and goes up to AED5500 per day according to model year.

3. Mercedes S Class: By far, it is the most talked about luxury car for so many years. S Class is known for its luxurious interior and stylish exterior. Even it’s latest model is making waves for the same reasons. Mercedes S Class can easily be rented in Dubai, UAE starting from AED4500 for 1 day.

4. BMW 7 Series: This model depicts luxury for so many years and its latest 2023 model is no different either. 7 series is classed as a sports inspired luxury sedan by the BMW brand. It has a rich interior and rugged yet chic exterior which makes it a favorite choice for a luxury car rental in Dubai. Renting a BMW 7 Series in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or across UAE is very easy too. You can book online at Wheels on Rent with ease now.

To drive a luxury car on Dubai roads just enhances the overall experience of living or visiting this place. Thus, matching the grandeur and vibes of the city.

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