Benefits of Renting a Car by Driving License Holder in UAE

Rent Car without Driver Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Now a days, renting a car is as easy as booking a cab. You can get an online car booking in minutes and get your desired car delivered to your doorstep. You can rent a car with or without driver depending on your budget and requirements. But if you want hire a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi without a driver, you must hold a UAE or international driving license.

Renting a car without a driver in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can offer certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the the advantages and disadvantaged:


1. Freedom and flexibility
Renting a car without a driver allows you the freedom to drive and explore different parts of the country at your own pace and convenience. With a UAE car driving license, you can plan road trips, commute easily, make spontaneous stops and have greater control over your travel experience.

2. Convenience
Renting a car without driver by a UAE driving license holder can provide convenience in daily life. You can easily run errands, travel to work, and transport goods without relying on public transportation schedules.

3. Cost savings
Renting a car can be cost-effective, especially compared to hiring a private driver or using taxis, especially for longer durations or if you plan to visit multiple locations.

4. Privacy
Renting a car without driver gives you privacy and independence, as you won’t have to share the vehicle with a driver or other passengers.

5. Safe & Hygienic
Today, safety is a major concern for all of us. Face Masks, sanitizers, and social distancing norms for a ‘new normal’ requires us to be extra careful, even when we’re on vacation. A car without driver is better in that regard.

6. Familiarity and comfort
If you are a UAE car license holder, renting a car without a driver can be a convenient choice for you as you’re already familiar with driving in Dubai and know the local driving rules and regulations. You feel comfortable navigating the roads and traffic which makes renting a car a more comfortable experience for you.

7. Time Management
Driving yourself can save time compared to relying on a driver. You have more control over your schedule, as you can leave and arrive at your destinations according to your preferences.


1. Responsibility and risk
When you rent a car without a driver, you assume full responsibility for any accidents, damages, or traffic violations that may occur during your rental period. This includes potential financial implications and potential impacts on your insurance premiums.

2. Parking difficulties
Finding parking spaces in busy areas can be challenging, especially during peak times. Additionally, some parking areas might require payment, which can add to your expenses.

3. Traffic Congestion
UAE cities, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, can have heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. This can lead to longer travel times, frustration, and stress on the road.

4. Navigation challenges
If you live in any outskirt of a main city, navigating in unfamiliar zones of Dubai and Abu Dhabi may be challenging, particularly if you are not accustomed to local traffic rules, road signs, and GPS systems.

5. Additional paperwork
Renting a car often involves paperwork, including providing identification, proof of insurance, and signing rental agreements, which can be a time-consuming process.

So, the decision to rent a car without a driver in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as a UAE car driving license holder depends on your preferences, comfort level with driving in unfamiliar areas, and the nature of your travel plans. Consider the above mentioned pros and cons before deciding whether renting a car without a driver is suitable for your trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or across UAE.

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