Drive Safe with Caution: List of Driving Violation Fines in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Driving in Dubai or Abu Dhabi offers unparalleled experiences, but it’s crucial to navigate the roads responsibly to ensure both your safety and compliance with local regulations. As a responsible driver using our rent a car services in UAE at Wheels On Rent, understanding the fines associated with driving violations can help you stay informed and avoid unnecessary penalties. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some common driving violations and their corresponding fines in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

  • Speeding Violations:

1. Exceeding Speed Limit by 1-20 km/h
Fine: AED 300

2. Exceeding Speed Limit by 21-30 km/h
Fine: AED 400

3. Exceeding Speed Limit by 31-40 km/h
Fine:AED 600

4. Exceeding Speed Limit by more than 40 km/h
Fine: AED 1,000


  • Traffic Light Violations:

1. Running a Red Light
Fine: AED 800
2. Jumping a Red Light causing an Accident
Fine: AED 1,000 + Black Points


  • Seatbelt and Child Safety Violations

1. Failure to Wear Seatbelt
Fine: AED 400 + 4 Black Points
2. Child Not Restrained in Car Seat
Fine: AED 400 + 4 Black Points


  • Reckless Driving Violations:

1. Dangerous Lane Change:
– Fine: AED 400
2. Tailgating or Unsafe Following Distance:
– Fine: AED 400
3. Overtaking from the Right:
– Fine: AED 600


Parking Violations:

1. Parking in a No-Parking Zone:
– Fine: AED 200
2. Parking in a Disabled Parking Zone without Permit:
– Fine: AED 1,000 + Vehicle Impoundment


Miscellaneous Violations:

1. Using Mobile Phone while Driving:
– Fine: AED 800 + 4 Black Points
2. Driving a Vehicle without Valid Registration:
– Fine: AED 500 + Vehicle Impoundment


DUI (Driving Under Influence):

1. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs:
– Fine: AED 20,000 + Vehicle Impoundment + Jail Term


Knowing these fines and penalties is essential for every driver. At Wheels On Rent UAE, we prioritize your safety and compliance. Remember, safe driving not only avoids fines but also ensures a pleasant journey for yourself and others on the road. Stay informed, drive responsibly, and enjoy your travels with us.

For more information on driving regulations and fines, visit the official websites of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) or Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport (DoT).

RTA Website Dubai:

Integrated Transport Center Abu Dhabi:

Drive safe, drive informed with Wheels On Rent UAE!

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