A Day in the Life of a Chauffeur in Dubai

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Starting the day, with a neat and clean appearance, the driver on a rental car in Dubai is all set to start his daily adventures. As we all know, UAE is a beautiful country with hundreds of cool places which anyone would love to be at. Every year millions of tourists come to UAE. But the time constraints, does not allow you to explore UAE completely. On the other hand, the chauffeur, a man behind a steering wheel on a rental car gets to explore Dubai and whole of UAE like no one else can. Every morning he sits in anticipation, for his day’s first journey which can be within the city like going to a famous spot like Burj Khalifa or making a short visit to the Palms.
Many car rental companies in UAE including Wheels on Rent offers Dubai city tour too on a rental car with driver. City tour is usually a 10 hours trip across Dubai to the different monuments or places. Chauffeur asks the passengers if he has already listed down his favorite spots else he would be taking the passenger to the most popular ones likes of Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab etc. If the passenger interested in exploring other cities like Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah or any other UAE state then its equally exciting for a chauffeur too, as he gets to experience the different culture, traditions and norms. Every city of UAE has a different aura to it. Anyone who had been to other states, would agree to this. For instance, Dubai is more of a modern city whereas Ras Al Khaimah is full of mountains which surely carries an oomph for a nature lover. Similarly, the vibe of Abu Dhabi is entirely different from Dubai. Henceforth, experiencing a different culture while doing your job can be simply awesome.

UAE is a business hub too. Consequently, thousands of visitors come here for business meetings and huge percentage out of them tends to rent a car with driver in Dubai or Abu Dhabi UAE. Therefore, a chauffeur gets to meet and interact with world’s top minds at the comfort of his driving seat. Exploring corporate destinations or visiting a 7 star hotel for a business meeting also offers a unique experience. His exposure, commutation and navigations skills enhance with each travel experience. Let it be a business meetings, family vacations or a spontaneous road trips all leave their mark and add to his experience as a professional driver. Each stop or a travel contributes to a mosaic of experiences, from the hurried rush of urban traffic of Dubai to the quiet solitude of winding mountain roads in Ras Al Khaimah.

As the day ends, the chauffeur , having played a vital role in the varied experiences finally ends his daily shift. He finds his way back to the car rental lot, his mind bearing the imprints of the day’s adventures and heart filled with satisfaction by fulfilling his tasks in an impeccable manner.

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